1907 Indian Head Penny

The 1907 Indian Head Penny is quite a popular coin and one of the easiest for collectors to find.

Over 108 million were minted in 1907 making them the most widely available Indian Head cents available.

Although this penny isn’t very rare, it’s still quite valuable. A Good G-4 condition coin is worth about $2.11 and a Proof PR-63 will net you around $148.

What Does The 1907 Indian Head Penny Look Like?

1907 Indian Head Cents

Image Credit: www.usacoinbook.com

The 1907 penny was minted in Philadelphia so you might have noticed that it has no mint mark. There were approximately 108,137,143 produced that year and they have a melt value of $0.0188.

The bronze composite Indian Head Cent was designed by the engraver James B Longacre and is made of 95% copper and 5% Tin & Zinc.

The 1907 Indian Head Cent weighs 3.11 grams and is 19 mm in diameter which is the same as most US cents throughout the 1900’s.

On the obverse side it reads, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1907 around the edge and in the middle there is a profile of Miss Liberty looking to the left and she’s wearing a native American headdress. Across the band of the headdress it reads, LIBERTY.

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